As an example of what the DC LAC can do for your community, look first to the DC Condominium Amendment Act of 2014.  More than 10 years in the making, the Act successfully updated some laws not changed since the 1970s.  Want to know more about the Act and how it affects your community? Click here for a short, informative brochure, and here for a PDF of the final, signed Act.

What's been up for debate in the past year?  Councilwoman Anita Bonds has introduced the Condominium Owner Bill of Rights Amendment Act of 2015 (B21-0443).  Members of the DC LAC had a series of meetings with Councilwoman Bonds' staff to provide changes to the Bill, and a new version, the Condominium Owner Bill of Rights and Responsibilities Amendment Act of 2016 (B21-657) was passed by the DC Council in December 2016.  Click here for a PDF of the final, signed Act.    


Though the DC LAC is actively working to protect the interests of community associations throughout the District, when the DC Council consider votes on legislation affecting community associations, they need and want input from those most affected by the law.  That’s YOU!  To find your Council Member’s contact information, click here!  

Recent DC regulations on benchmarking, bicycle parking and other issues affect your community.  The DC LAC can help you give voice to your concerns.  To learn more about the regulations that might affect your community, view the full list of DC Municipal Regulations here.

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